“I was hysterical. That was the trouble. I was jealous of anyone she had anything to do with. I demanded absolute trust from her, because I wasn’t trustworthy myself. I was neurotic, taking all my frustrations out on her. She did leave me once. That was terrible. I couldn’t stand being without her.” - John Lennon on his relationship with Cynthia

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Hello, all. Here’s me jumping onto the Doctor Nez fanwagon! Just as a few notes: the story is set in “real life,” meaning the characters are the actors themselves rather than their TV show counterparts. So they won’t be living in their beach house or grooving at Renaldo’s Dance Au Go Go or anything. ;) I’ve tried to fit Doctor Nez into actual Monkees history, and well, we’ll see if it works as we go along. Also, I am not by any stretch a Whovian expert, so if I mess up the details in that aspect of the fic, please forgive my ignorance! It’s all in fun, ultimately. Finally, my goal is to post a new part once a week. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading! -K

(P.S. Most is under the Read More, so as not to screw up anyone’s dash. :)

Part One: September 1967

Micky Dolenz yanked off his bonnet and dropkicked it across the shanty floor. “Finally!” he shouted, ruffling his thick, wavy afro, and unbuttoning one strap of his overalls. 

“Fellas, we need you back in the studio by eight tonight for a retake of the wedding scene,” came the voice of James Frawley through a fuzzy megaphone. “But otherwise, take your break.” 

A greasy coonskin cap joined the pink bonnet as Peter Tork began shedding his costume as well, his breath labored due to the uncomfortable heat of the set lights. 

“You idiots know better than to leave your wardrobe here,” boomed Bob Rafelson, walking out from behind the film equipment. “Just because you’re television veterans now doesn’t mean you get to slack off this season. Pick that crap up.”

Micky’s jaw clenched and with a sullen glance at the producer, he proceeded to boot the bonnet all the way off the set toward Wardrobe, like a game of kick the can. 

“Off to a great start,” he muttered to Peter, who was obediently carrying his hat in his hands. 

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So ever since I made this post about starting a Doctor Nez fanfic, I’ve only paid half a mind to actually working on it. But I really do want to do it, so I figure that one way to keep myself committed is to start posting parts of it on tumblr. If anyone sorta likes it, that should give me initiative to write the whole thing, right? Well, that’s my theory at least. 

I’ll post the first part tonight, if you want to keep an eye out for it. 



Here's my Mike wallpaper!  Feel free to use, but do not repost it please and thank you.  Should be about 1366x768 in res, but Tumblr might mess with it who knows.  [Other wallpapers]

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Here Come the Monkees // Hey, Hey It’s The Monkees

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  • Me: I wonder what music he listens to
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peter’s soft toffee coloured eyes 

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“In 2001, George did a live webchat with the fans to celebrate the 30th anniversary of All Things Must Pass
below is the Yahoo Chat transcript — enjoy!
(live chat with George Feb. 17, 2001)” released the transcript of a live chat with his fans. Here are just some of the things he said to the fans.

this will forever be one of my favorite things that George has done.

I wish George was here…

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